Schedule and Transcripts

#LCSM Chats occur on Twitter once each month, usually on the first Thursday at 8 PM Eastern Time (5 PM Pacific). Below is the schedule for past chats and the next few chats in reverse chronological order.  Past dates are linked to chat transcripts (transcripts courtesy of Symplur, a website dedicated to following and tracking social media trends in healthcare).  Topics are linked to #LCSM Chat blog posts about that topic. If a Wakelet recap of the chat is available (curated collection of tweets), its link appears in parentheses.

Dec 2, 2021: All good things … The Sunset of #LCSM Chat  — FINAL CHAT

Nov 4, 2021: #Lungcancer advocacy–what a difference a decade makes!

Oct 7, 2021: Best in Show–Lung Cancer Highlights from #WCLC21 & #ESMO21

Sep 2, 2021It’s Your Life–Be an Engaged Patient

July and August 2021: Summer Hiatus

Jun 3, 2021Making the Most of #ASCO21 (Wakelet Summary)

May 6, 2021The Hows and Whys of Cancer Research Advocacy (Wakelet Summary)

Apr 2, 2021Tell Us What You Want — We’re Listening (Wakelet Summary)

Mar 4, 2021: Liquid Bx—It pays to be vein  (Wakelet summary)

Feb 4, 2021: #WCLC20 from the comfort of your own home

Jan 7, 2021What are your predictions for the Rx of #LungCancer in 2021?

Dec 3, 20202020–Wild Year for #LungCancer

Nov 5, 2020: Celebrating Safely During #COVID19 Pandemic  (Wakelet summary)

Oct 1, 2020Crazy year, crazy progress–#lungcancer at #ESMO20 (@BrendonStilesMD)

Sep 3, 2020: Is #Cancer Advocacy for Everyone? (@JFreemanDaily)

Aug 6, 2020Update on #COVID19 and #LungCancer (@TimAllenMDJD)

Jul 2, 2020: NO CHAT (summer vacation)

Jun 4, 2020: #ASCO20 Roundup for #LungCancer (@JFreemanDaily)

May 7, 2020: COVID-19 Testing and Lung Cancer: Where We Stand Today (@TimAllenMDJD)

Apr 2, 2020: COVID-19 and Lung Cancer (@BrendonStilesMD)

Mar 5, 2020: Expanding Access to Cancer Clinical Trials (@JFreemanDaily)

Feb 6, 2020: Dealing with Lung Cancer Stigma and Nihilism (@BrendonStilesMD)

Jan 9. 2020: Ways to Support Lung Cancer Patients & Caregivers (@JFreemanDaily)

Dec 5, 2019: Ho Ho How to Do Holidays with Cancer

Nov 7, 2019: LC Awareness—Are We Making a Difference?

Oct 3, 2019: The Path to Research Advocacy

Sep 19, 2019: World Lung (#WCLC19) Wrap-Up

Aug 14, 2019: Finding Balance: ‘Cancer Life’ vs. ‘Real Life #cancersm chat 9 pm ET

July 11, 2019: “Basics of Biomarker Testing” #cancersm chat  (Wakelet archive)

Jun 20, 2019: Lung Cancer Conference Highlights

May 09, 2019: What’s New in Early Stage Lung Cancer

Apr 11, 2019: Why Research Matters for Lung Cancer

Mar 07, 2019Biomarker Magicians (or, Why We Love Pathologists)

Feb 7, 2019Is it worth the drive?

Jan 10, 2019Immunotherapy–What Patients Need to Know

Dec 27, 2018: No Chat (Holiday Break)

Dec 13, 2018: No Chat (Holiday Break)

Nov 29, 2018: What’s a cancer model, and why should I care?

Nov 15, 2018: #LCAM Open Mic Nite

Nov 1, 2018: #LCAM and Evolution of Lung Cancer Advocacy

Oct 18, 2018: Lung Cancer Screening–Never a Better Time Than Now

Oct 4, 2018: Highlights from #WCLC2018

Summer Hiatus (no chat Jun 28, Jul 12 & 26, Aug 9 & 23, Sep 6 & 20)

Jun 14, 2018: Immunotherapy–the ultimate personalized therapy

May 31, 2018: Lung Cancer at ASCO 2018

May 17, 2018: Open Mic Night

May 3, 2018What Defines a “Quality” #LungCancer Treatment Center?  Thoughts from the Frontline

Apr 19, 2018Life & Breath Rally – Lung Cancer is a National Emergency

Apr 5, 2018: Open Mic Nite

Mar 22, 2018Slicing the Pie–How Can Lung Cancer Patient Groups, Clinicians, and Researchers Best Work Together?

Mar 8, 2018Cancer advocacy 101–patients & conferences

Feb 22, 2018Lung cancer research–Why we need it and how we can get more

Feb 8, 2018Right to Try Laws and CIMAVax

Jan 25, 2018: Open Mic Nite–What’s on your mind?

Jan 11, 2018Defining “hope” for lung cancer

Dec 28, 2017: NO CHAT — see you in January!

Dec 14, 2017: #LCSM Community 2017 Highlights, Visions for 2018

Nov 30, 2017Expanding the web of knowledge in #lungcancer

Nov 16, 2017Running on Empty—Advocacy and Burnout

Nov 2, 2017What Was Your Favorite #LCSM Chat, and Why?

Oct 19, 2017: World Conference on Lung Cancer (#WCLC2017) Wrap-Up

Oct 5, 2017: Lung Cancer Advocacy: How we can help ourselves?

Sept 21, 2017: Patient-Clinician Communication in Cancer Care–Conflicting Ideals vs. Reality?

Sept 7, 2017:  Doing Cancer When You Have Kids (Wakelet recap)

August 24, 2017: Summer vacation (no chat)

August 10, 2017: The Ins and Outs of Lung Cancer Biopsies (Wakelet recap)

July 28, 2017: Happy birthday #LCSM–four and feisty!

July 13, 2017: Balancing Connection to Others in the Cancer Community with the Risk of Loss

June 29, 2017: When Doctors Disagree

June 15, 2017: Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs)—more effective than some approved cancer drugs for advanced disease

June 1, 2017: Community Grief–Dealing with our Cumulative Losses

May 18, 2017: What’s PFS Got to Do with It?

May 4, 2017: The PDQ on MTBs: Why are multidisciplinary tumor boards important in #lungcancer?

April 20, 2017: Online Cancer Education: What are the Best Tools & Current Limitations?

April 6, 2017: Who Needs Research Anyway: How Have You Been Impacted by Lung Cancer Research?

March 23, 2017: What Is a High-Value Cancer Drug?

March 9, 2017: Test Tumors to Target Lung Cancer

February 23, 2017Living with Cancer–What’s in your Toolbox?

February 9, 2017: Flip the Clinic for Lung Cancer–What Works Best?

January 26, 2017: Education and Shared Decision Making for Cancer Patients in the Era of Fake News and Post-Truths

January 12, 2017:  Lung cancer: who is at risk?

December 29, 2016: NO CHAT (happy holidays, everyone!)

December 15, 2016#LCSM Chat Topic 12/15: Holiday Open House

December 4, 2016: “What I Like About the IASLC World Conference on Lung Cancer” (#LCSM Chat on FB Live) (video)

December 01, 2016:  #LCAM Wrap-Up

November 17, 2016#LCSM Chat topic 11/17– FB Live Q&A with NCI on Immunotherapy and Clinical Trials (view Facebook Live video Lung Cancer Clinical Trials: Advances in Immunotherapy)

November 3, 2016: #LCAM–Pick Your Passion

October 20, 2016:  Social media and doctors–should we go there?

October 6, 2016:  Cancer Cure vs. Chronic Disease: How Critical is the Difference?

September 22, 2016:  Let’s Talk #LCAM 2016

September 8, 2016: You’ve Been Diagnosed With Lung Cancer…Now What?

August 25, 2016: Pain and Lung Cancer Treatment–How Does it Affect You or Someone You Know?

August 11, 2016: Direct to Consumer (DTC) Advertising in Lung Cancer–Educating Patients or Oversimplifying to Sell?

July 28, 2016: Happy birthday #LCSM–3 and thriving!

July 14, 2016: The Spectrum of Progression: What Would YOU Do?

June 30, 2016: #Cancer Hashtag Communities Talk Moonshot Ideas (Round 2) #cancerchat

June 16, 2016: Improving quality of life for lung cancer patients

June 2, 2016: Open Mic Nite — What’s on your mind?

May 26, 2016: Top 10 Key Abstracts on Lung Cancer (and Mesothelioma) at ASCO 2016: An #LCSM Preview

May 19, 2016: NO CHAT (moved to 5/26)

May 5, 2016: Know Before You Go—Conference Prep 101

April 21, 2016: Doctor Shopping in the Age of Social Media (Wakelet recap by @nxtstop1)

April 7, 2016: Cancersplaining–navigating tough moments

March 24, 2016: How Can We Overcome Hurdles in Clinical Lung Cancer Research?

March 10, 2016Living Metastatic (#AMSM)–common experiences across cancers

February 25, 2016: Communicating patient goals and values for #lungcancer treatment

February 11, 2016: Online collaboration and support in the #LCSM community

January 28, 2016: What Does the Lung Cancer Community Expect from the New Cancer Moonshot Program?

January 14, 2016: What Clinical Questions Can We Study to Improve Lung Cancer Treatment Outcomes?

December 31, 2015: Happy New Year’s Eve! (no chat)

December 17, 2015: Reflecting on 2015, Projecting 2016 for the Lung Cancer Community

December 3, 2015: The Lung Cancer Advocacy Dilemma: Bridging the Smoking History Divide

November 19, 2015: SPECIAL EVENT: Google Hangout on Air & simultaneous #LCSM Chat at 2pm ET co-sponsored by #LCSM Chat and the National Cancer Institute: “Changing Landscape of Lung Cancer Research & Treatment”

November 5, 2015: How do we move the needle on lung cancer?

October 22, 2015: Sharing Your Story–Talking Points for Lung Cancer Advocates

October 8, 2015: Be the Change for #LCAM15

September 24, 2015:  NO #LCSM Chat

**NOTE: change in schedule**
September 17, 2015: Surgery or Radiation for Early Staged, Operable Lung Cancer: Which Road Should I Take?

September 10, 2015: Highlights of the World Conference on Lung Cancer (no blog)

August 27, 2015: Let’s get social… in our health?

August 13, 2015How can we fight the rising cost of cancer care?

July 30, 2015:  What’s the Role Today of Whole Brain Radiation for Lung Cancer with Brain Metastases?

July 16, 2015: Happy 2nd Birthday #LCSM Chat!

July 2, 2015: NO #LCSM CHAT (have a nice break!)

June 18, 2015: What I wish I’d known before my lung cancer treatment

June 4, 2015Moving Ahead with Immunotherapy for Lung Cancer–Biomarkers, Timing, Duration, and Combinations

May 21, 2015: Living with and Beyond Lung Cancer

May 7, 2015: Spreading Hope for Lung Cancer

April 23, 2015: Discussing the Role of the Cost of Cancer Therapies. Does Cost Limit Care?

April 9, 2015: Shared decision making (#sdm) for #lungcancer screening with #LDCT: What is the best approach?

March 26, 2015The Landscape of the #LungCancer World After Opdivo–Where We Are, Where We’re Going

March 12, 2015Giving Back–Ways to Help Other Cancer Patients

February 26, 2015: Changing the Language of Cancer

February 12, 2015: #IWishMyDoc and #IWishMyPatient

January 29, 2015How Do Patients Decide Where to Seek Cancer Treatment?

January 15, 2015: Should the FDA Regulate Which Cancer Tests You Can Have?

January 1, 2015:  NO CHAT (Happy New Year!)

December 18, 2014: A Year-End Focus on the Highlights of 2014

December 4, 2014: CMS lung cancer screening rules: overboard, or on the mark?

November 20, 2014: Know your radon risk (Wakelet recap)

November 5, 2014 (special chat): @TheNCI hosts chat on precision medicine in lung cancer (Wakelet recap curated by @TheNCI)

October 23, 2014: How can we help new stage IV lung cancer patients consider 2nd opinions, mutation testing and clinical trials?

October 9, 2014: Helping media to cover #LCAM14

September 25, 2014: Challenges in making LDCT screening chest scans standard of care for high risk patients

September 11, 2014Social Media Ideas for #LCAM14 — Lung Cancer Awareness Month 2014 (Storify recap)

August 28, 2014: What would you like to see on the #LCSM Website? (Storify recap)

August 21, 2014 (off week–no transcript):  Practice Tweetchat  (Wakelet recap of Hints for Joining a Tweetchat)

August 14, 2014: How Can We Bring the Benefits of #LCSM to Those Who Are Not Online?

July 31, 2014: #LCSM Celebrates a Year of Informative Chats and Awesome Support!

July 17, 2014: Help us define the benefits of online resources for lung cancer patients

July 3, 2014: #LCSM is on hiatus — If you’re in the US, enjoy the long holiday weekend!

June 19, 2014: Which Lung Cancer Surgery Outcomes Are Most Important to Patients & Families?

June 5, 2014: Volunteer Opportunities with Lung Cancer Nonprofits (Wakelet recap)

May 22, 2014: Top 10 Key LC Presentations at ASCO 2014 (Wakelet recap by @brianreid)

May 8, 2014: Lung Cancer Medical Records: What You Need to Know (Wakelet recap)

April 24, 2014: Cost vs. Value with Expensive Cancer Treatments (Wakelet recap)

April 10, 2014: Exercise During and After Lung Cancer Treatment (Wakelet recap)

March 27, 2014: Should All Targeted Rx Lung Cancer Trials be Biomarker-Selective? (Wakelet recap)

March 13, 2014: Stress, Anxiety and Lung Cancer: How Do You Cope? (Wakelet recap)

February 27, 2014: What do cancer patients want from their doctors and online support groups? (Wakelet recap)

February 13, 2014: Brainstorming: How Do We Erase The Stigma of Lung Cancer? (Wakelet recap)

January 30, 2014: Practice-changing Advances in Lung Cancer Treatment (Wakelet recap)

January 16, 2014: Palliative Care for Lung Cancer Patients (Wakelet recap)

January 2, 2014:    Lung Cancer’s Highlights from 2013; Predictions, Hopes for 2014

December 19, 2013:    Lung Cancer Screening: the Good, the Bad, and the Indolent

December 5, 2013:    Is the System of Clinical Trials Fair for Patients?

November 21, 2013:   Resources for Learning About Lung Cancer

November 7, 2013:   Biopsies and Tissue Collection

October 24, 2013Social Media & Lung Cancer Advocacy: What Can I Do?

October 10, 2013:    How Much Evidence Do We Really Need to Change Treatment Recommendations?

September 26, 2013:    How Can We Accelerate Cancer Research with Online Education and Social Media?

September 5, 2013:   Can Lung Cancer Be Overtreated?

August 22, 2013:   Cost of Cancer Drugs

August 8, 2013:   Does The Lung Cancer Community Risk Losing Unity By Breaking Into Subgroups?

July 25, 2013:   No announced topic (first chat)

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