#LCSM Chat topic 5/21: Living with and Beyond Lung Cancer

You mean I have to say something

Lung cancer patient advocates are beginning to make their voices heard and gain acceptance in the medical world.  For the first time ever, patient advocates will be speaking from the stage at the World Conference on Lung Cancer (WCLC), the largest meeting dedicated to lung cancer anywhere.  The meeting, which runs September 6-9 in Denver and is sponsored by the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC), will have sessions on research, treatment, biotech developments…and patient advocacy topics.

In the session titled “Advocacy in Practice,” #LCSM Comoderator Janet Freeman-Daily will be speaking about “Supporting Lung Cancer Survivors–Living with and Beyond Lung Cancer,” which will inform lung cancer healthcare providers across many specialties about the experiences of lung cancer patients and their preferred methods of seeking and receiving support during and after treatment.  Another lung cancer patient advocate, Craig Uthe (familiar in several online support forums as “CraiginPA”), will be speaking about “Patient Advocate Groups Driving Progress–Using the Evidence,” which will focus on ways patients, caregivers and advocates find and share scientific information that guides their choices of providers, treatments, and clinical trials.

Our next #LCSM Chat, on May 21 at 8 PM EDT, will crowdsource information for Janet and Craig’s talks while demonstrating the power of social media.   Input from all members of the #LCSM community are welcome—patients, caregivers, advocates, healthcare providers, researchers, healthcare facilities, payers, and agencies.  Moderator @JFreemanDaily will lead a discussion using the following topic questions:

  • T1:  What aspects of the #lungcancer patient/caregiver experience should be shared with WCLC attendees?
  • T2:  What #lungcancer research, treatment options, and conference info do you like to find on #LCSM and other social media?
  • T3:  How has knowledge from social media and support forums changed YOUR #lungcancer healthcare or treatment experience?
  • T4:  What kind of supports have been most effective in helping #lungcancer patients live well with lung cancer?

Please remember to include #LCSM in ALL your tweets so the other chat participants can see them.  You can read a primer on participating in the chat here.


2 Comments on “#LCSM Chat topic 5/21: Living with and Beyond Lung Cancer

  1. Thanks for making the effort to translate your blog into English, and being a patient advocate! Interesting to see how lung cancer patients in other countries cope with their disease. Best hopes for a long and satisfying life.

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