Lung Cancer Bloggers Mark World Cancer Day 2016

Thursday, February 4, 2016, is World Cancer Day 2016 — a day to consider how WE CAN fight one of the world’s top killers. We need everyone to have access to good healthcare. We need better understanding of cancer risk factors and ways to reduce them.  We need better screening and diagnostic tools.  We need better treatments, and at affordable cost.  We need to eliminate barriers to communication, information, and data sharing.  We need better funding and support for patients. Worldwide, people will be tweeting, blogging and posting on social media about World Cancer… Read More

#LCSM Salutes World Cancer Day

Tomorrow, February 4th, is World Cancer Day. The focus this year is Target 5 of the World Cancer Declaration:  reduce stigma and dispel myths about cancer. The World Cancer Day campaign seeks to “Debunk the myths” of cancer: We don’t need to talk about cancer There are no signs or symptoms of cancer There’s nothing I can do about cancer I don’t have the right to cancer care This focus parallels the goal of #LCSM “to educate, develop public support, end the stigma, and facilitate successful treatments for the leading cause of… Read More