#LCSM Chat 07/14: The Spectrum of Progression: What Would YOU Do?

The Many Faces of PD: Should We Consider Progression in a More Nuanced Way? Historically, cancer treatments have been graded in large part by the “response rate” they produce, the reflection of the proportion of patients whose cancers demonstrate significant tumor shrinkage on imaging scans. While stable disease, which at least reflects no disease growth, is considered a reasonable, relative victory compared to evidence of the cancer growing, we consider a treatment as failing when the cancer grows. At the same time, in patients who are being monitored off of therapy, evidence… Read More

#LCSM Chat 4/7: Cancersplaining–navigating tough moments

Lung cancer patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers face many tough moments in which communicating about cancer care can be difficult: An acquaintance approaches a patient with an unproven herbal remedy that will CURE CANCER! A spouse wants to express their concern over the patient’s symptoms, or emotions the caregiver is experiencing. A healthcare provider believes a test the patient wants will not help them or will delay the start of treatment. In some cases, the person attempting to share information may know less about the subject than the person they’re talking to,… Read More

#LCSM Chat 27-Feb-14: What do cancer patients want from their doctors and online support groups?

The focus for the next #LCSM Chat at 8 PM Eastern (5 PM Pacific) on Thursday, February 27, 2014 will be “What do cancer patients want from their doctors and online support groups?” The moderator will be Dr. Jack West. Online cancer support groups can provide a wealth of information and understanding for cancer patients, caregivers, and family members. Many in online forums find expertise and credibility among others who have traveled down the same road. “Expert patients” in these forums can provide an understanding and hope that even the best doctor can’t offer, because… Read More