Lung Cancer in the Media

News articles, opinion pieces and videos are listed in date order, with the newest listed first.  If you find an online item about lung cancer that seems appropriate for this page, please email it to or use our contact form. Please do not submit research or science articles for this page. Thanks!

2014-01-24: How Long Have I Got Left? by Paul Kalanithi

2013-12-24: Ann Arbor Woman Battling Stage IV LC (Tori Tomalia)  by Katrease Stafford

2013-12-07: Nonsmokers w/LC Have To Battle Stigma Too by Bonnie Miller Rubin

2013-12-04: At the Top of My Lungs: Waiting to Exhale

2013-12-03: Why Do Healthy Non-Smokers Get Lung Cancer? by Aimee Swartz

2013-12:   A Non-Smoking Mom’s Battle With Lung Cancer by Sunny Sea Gold

2013-11-26: A Personal Loss Helps David Discover and Beat Lung Cancer by Long Beach Post

2013-11-20: No One Deserves Lung Cancer by Jeffrey Seyler

2013-11-15: Why Is Lung Cancer Rising Among Non-Smoking Women? by Kimberly Leonard

2013-11-14: Lung Cancer Top Killer, But Research Dollars And Donor Support Poor” by Sheryl Ubelacker

2013-11-07: Anyone Who Breathes Air Can Get Lung Cancer by Dr. Lecia V. Sequist

2013-11-06: Lung Cancer Carries Unfair Stigma That Other Cancers Don’t by Debra Sherman

2013-11-05: It’s Time To Topple Lung Cancer From Its Perch Atop The Cancer Heap by Harold Wimmer

2013-11-05: Lung Cancer Awareness: 7 Canadians Share Their Stories by Arti Patel

2013-11-04: Patient Advocate Who is ‘Beating’ Lung Cancer by Karen Latzka

2013-10-31: Roxbury Couple Turns Lung Cancer Diagnosis Into Awareness Mission by Neema Roshania

2013-10-29: How A Division I Athlete Dealt With Lung Cancer by Kristin Dalton Wolfe

2013-09-24: A Sick Stigma: Why Are Cancer Patients Blamed For Their Illness? by Charlotte Huff

2013-08-07: Ending the Stigma by Laurie Fenton Ambrose

2013-05-02: Research into lung cancer held up by smoking stigma by Simon Ellis

2013-04-29:  We Have A Lung Cancer Crisis In Canada by Dr. Natasha Leighl

2013-03-07: Danger In The Air: How To Protect Yourself From Lung Cancer by Fitness Magazine

2012-11-01: Stigma of ‘Smokers’ Disease’ Stifles Fight Against No. 1 Killer, Lung Cancer by Bridget Huber

2012-11:  Just Breathe: What Its Like To Have Lung Cancer by Wesley Fay

2012-07-30:  You’re Running Across The Country? Are You Crazy? The Great Lung Run by Giani Toboni

2011-8-30: The Last Refrigerator by Rob Densen

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