#WhipLungCancer Videos

Help us #WhipLungCancer!

The #WhipLungCancer campaign is for anyone who wants to help bring an end to lung cancer, regardless of their organizational affiliation. Please take the #WhipLungCancer Challenge, then share what you did on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and other social networks!

Some ideas for creating #WhipLungCancer videos and pictures:

  1. Share some of the startling facts about lung cancer.
  2. Take a whipped cream pie (or a paper plate of whipped cream) to the face.
  3. Donate to a lung cancer organization or research center of your choice.
  4. Have fun with it–involve the family, choose an interesting setting, wear a costume … be creative!

More Ideas:  Watch These #WhipLungCancer Videos

Meriah Sage
Lisa Hendrickson
Tori Tomalia
Jessica Steinberg
Karen Loss
Lisa Goldman
Lacey Mamak
Kristy Rogers
Dusty Donaldson
Kimberly Lester
Barbara Ferguson
Cindy Langhorne
Denise Cutlip
Peter Hendrick
Eric-Ang Knoblock
Shawn Price
Lizz Norrander
CanSAR Board
Tina Wilson
Josh Kerber
Jay Bauder
Marcy David
Calvin Murphy
Lysa Buonanno
Dave Hill


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