#LCSM Chat Topic 3/10: Living Metastatic (#AMSM)–common experiences across cancers

AMSM chat graphic

#LCSM Chat believes there is value in building community across advanced and metastatic cancers.  Advanced and metastatic cancer patients have concerns beyond those of earlier-stage patients. To recognize this, Symplur has registered a new hashtag: #AMSM (Advanced and Metastatic Social Media).  #AMSM is a special concern for lung cancer, since more than half of lung cancer patients are metastatic at diagnosis.

To help build the #AMSM community, the #LCSM Chat on 3/10 at 8 pm ET (5 PM PT) will be “Living Metastatic– common experiences across cancers.” We will use the #LCSM hashtag to chat, but include #AMSM in our tweets.  Information on how to join the chat can be found on the “Participate” page of the #LCSM Chat website (https://lcsmchat.com/lcsm-chat/).

The chat moderator will be Janet Freeman-Daily (a metastatic lung cancer patient). We have confirmed some special guests from different cancer communities (as of 3/8 PM):

  • Corrie Painter (@corrie_painter), Associate Director of the Metastatic Breast Cancer Project
  • Michele Coston Longabaugh (@crazyasscancer), metastatic anal cancer survivor/advocate
  • Rich McDonald (@hotelmelanoma), advanced melanoma survivor/advocate
  • Dawn Eicher (@dawneicher), metastatic colon cancer survivor/advocate
  • Roberta Luna (@halfcrazy_luna), pancreatic cancer survivor/advocate and caretaker 

Our topic questions for this chat will be:

  • T1: How is delivering/receiving an advanced or metastatic cancer diagnosis different than earlier stage diagnoses? #AMSM #LCSM
  • T2: How can we best help patients process the shock of an advanced/metastatic cancer diagnosis? #AMSM #LCSM
  • T3: What aspects of living with advanced/metastatic cancer are typically the most difficult? #AMSM #LCSM
  • T4: How would an advanced/metastatic cancer community be helpful to you? #AMSM #LCSM


5 Comments on “#LCSM Chat Topic 3/10: Living Metastatic (#AMSM)–common experiences across cancers

  1. Yes, it’s hard to live with the anxiety and recurring scans. But if you stop living due to the fear, cancer has already defeated you. Life with metastatic cancer is not the same as life before cancer, but it’s still life. I hope you find peace and a way forward.

  2. Should you stop living cancer with a death sentence makes you want to.sit snd wait to die but my family wants to still live and move and take jobs etc etc and i am adventerous but now im.like a scared caged animal

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