#LCSM Chat 10/8: Be the Change for #LCAM15

November is just around the corner! The #lcsm community will spend our October 8 chat (at 8 PM ET, 5 PM PT) discussing our plans for #LCAM15 (the Symplur-registered healthcare hashtag for Lung Cancer Awareness Month 2015). Janet Freeman-Daily (@JFreemanDaily) will be moderating.

This year during #LCAM15, @lcsmchat will be highlighting patients and the research that’s helping us stay alive. Each day we will post a link to a lung cancer clinical trial and a picture of someone who has had lung cancer. The pictures will be posted with two hashtags, #LCAM15 and #ThisIsLungCancer. In addition, the November 19 #lcsm chat will focus on lung cancer research and (hopefully) feature several lung cancer researchers talking about their work.

We will also be posting general info about lung cancer, clinical trials, resources for patients and caregivers, and infographics with facts about lung cancer. As in previous years, tweet-sized facts and links to pages of facts on lung cancer advocacy organization sites will be available on the webpage #LCAM Lung Cancer Facts.

Please feel free to share any and all of this on Twitter and other social media.

Patients, caregivers, advocates, healthcare facilities, clinicians and researchers can help raise awareness of lung cancer research during #LCAM15. Here are some posting ideas–remember to use the hashtag #LCAM15 (and #lcsm if you have room). We will be collecting all the #LCAM15 tweets in an archive after November ends.

  • Share a picture of a lung cancer survivor, a researcher in the lab or a clinician with a patient (with permission, of course).
  • Post a link for the clinicaltrials.gov listing or other info about a current clinical trial. (If you’re concerned about whether the information is current or a possible conflict of interest, email the trial listing link to jfreeman.wa at gmail dot com–Janet is a patient advocate for the lung cancer SPORE at University of Colorado, and will vet the trial listings before posting them).
  • Share a link to an online video in which a doctor shares hopeful info about current lung cancer research and treatment.
  • Post a link to a recent news article about good clinical trial results, funding for clinical trials, or lung cancer drug approval.
  • Post a link to a patient resource offered online by a lung cancer advocacy organization.

Our discussion topics during the October 8 chat will be:

  • T1: What characteristic, picture or article about #lungcancer survivors would you suggest we highlight on #lcsm during #LCAM15?
  • T2: What information or resource about clinical trials (or specific clinical trial) would you suggest we highlight on #lcsm during #LCAM15?
  • T3: What #lungcancer facts, information, or patient resources would you suggest we highlight on #lcsm during #LCAM15?
  • T4: What else would you suggest #lcsm, patients, advocates, or others do during #LCAM15 to raise awareness of #lungcancer?

For a primer on how to join #LCSM chat, check out how To Participate in LCSM Chat.

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