#LCSM Chat Topic August 10: The Ins and Outs of Lung Cancer Biopsies

For theAugust 10, 2017 chat at 8 PM ET, #LCSM Chat is partnering with the American College of Chest Physicians and CHEST Foundation to discuss lung cancer biopsies. We’re excited to see what this partnership will bring to the chat!

Biopsies are an important part of the diagnostic process for lung cancer.  A biopsy collects a specimen such as tumor tissue, or fluid from the space around your lungs.  The specimen is then analyzed to determine if any cancer cells are present.  If so, the cells are tested  to help identify the type of cancer. Cancer cells obtained in biopsies can also undergo molecular testing to determine what type of treatment—such as a targeted therapy or immunotherapy–might be most effective.

Several different procedures are used to collect biopsy specimens for diagnosing and treating lung cancer:

Each of these procedures have benefits and drawbacks: some are less invasive, others can better access tumors in certain areas of the chest. Yet others may be better at obtaining sufficient tissue for molecular testing, which may be necessary to enable the patient to take a targeted therapy or immunotherapy that has fewer side effects with a better chance of managing the cancer.

Our chat will talk about the use of biopsies, pros and cons of different biopsy procedures, and factors patients and their healthcare team should consider when choosing the best biopsy for a given patient.  Moderator Janet Freeman-Daily (@JFreemanDaily) will lead our chat using the following topic questions:

  • T1: What is a biopsy, and how is it used in diagnosing #lungcancer?
  • T2: What biopsy procedures are used in diagnosing/treating #lungcancer?
  • T3: When might biopsies be necessary during or after #lungcancer treatment?
  • T4: How do biopsies enable patients to access newer treatments such as targeted therapies and immunotherapies?
  • T5: What factors should healthcare providers and patients consider when selecting the best type of biopsy for their case?

If you’re new to tweet chats, check out this handy primer.

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