#LCSM Chat 6/16: Improving quality of life for lung cancer patients

By Janet Freeman-Daily

At this year’s ASCO (American Society for Clinical Oncology) Annual Meeting, a variety of abstracts addressed patient and survivor care as well as quality of life.  Our #LCSM Chat on Thursday June 16 (8 PM Eastern time, 5 PM Pacific) will discuss some of these abstracts:

  • Abstract 10000 found exercise during chemotherapy reduced the effects of chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy, and the effect was greater in older patients. Abstract 10129 found breast cancer survivors reduced their post-treatment sleep disturbance and fatigue by practicing yoga.
  • Abstract e21697 found complementary therapies such as yoga, massage, art therapy, nutrition counseling, etc. significantly improved quality of life and reduced treatment-associated side effects.
  • Abstract e18123 found that while patients and clinicians usually agreed on which symptoms the patient was experiencing during treatment, the symptoms reported by the patients were more severe than those reported by the clinicians.

Our moderator, Janet Freeman-Daily, will lead the discussion using these questions:

  • T1: Which exercises might #lungcancer patients be able to do safely during/after treatment to help reduce side effects?
  • T2: Which complementary therapies have you found effective for improving quality of life for #lungcancer patients? How do they help?
  • T3: How can #lungcancer patients help their clinicians better understand severity of their symptoms and side effects?

We hope you’ll join #LCSM Chat on Thursday June 16 at 8 PM EDT. If you’re new to tweetchats, please read this primer on how to participate in #LCSM Chats.

2 Comments on “#LCSM Chat 6/16: Improving quality of life for lung cancer patients

  1. unrelated but any studies if dizziness caused by chemo is actually BPPV? Does chemo cause/aggravate the condition? Seem to be an acceptable side effect and not caught or diagnosed properly. Thoughts? (I’m a patient with BPPV – not a Doc) just wondering

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