#LCSM Chat topic 11/17– FB Live Q&A with NCI on Immunotherapy and Clinical Trials


For Lung Cancer Awareness Month, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) is once again partnering with #LCSM Chat for a special event.

During the first half of our November 17 tweetchat, which starts at the usual 8 PM Eastern time (5 PM Pacific), the NCI’s Dr. Shakun Malik (head of thoracic oncology therapeutics) and Janet Freeman-Daily (lung cancer patient/activist and founding member of #LCSM Chat) will have a 30-minute Facebook Live question and answer session on the topic of “Immunotherapy for Lung Cancer: New Research and Clinical Trials.”  The Facebook Live event will be visible on the National Cancer Institute’s Facebook page.

Concurrent with the Facebook Live event, #LCSM Chat will conduct their regularly scheduled Twitter chat 11/17 starting at 8 PM.  For the first 30 minutes of the chat, topics will parallel the Facebook Live discussion.  After the Facebook Live event concludes, the second half of the tweetchat will focus on resources for accessing clinical trials.  Deana Hendrickson (@LungCancerFaces) will moderate the first half of the chat, and Janet Freeman-Daily (@JFreemanDaily) will join her in moderating the second half of the chat.

Please feel free to ask questions for Dr. Malik or Ms. Freeman-Daily on the NCI Facebook page or during the #LCSM Twitter chat.

First half chat topics will mirror those in the Facebook Live event:

  • T1: What is the role immunotherapies play in lung cancer research and treatment?
  • T2: What is new in the Lung-MAP clinical trial?
  • T3: What is new in the ALCHEMIST clinical trial?
  • T4: What is the role of genetic testing in screening and qualifying for lung cancer clinical trials?
  • T5: What resources are available to help patients and caregivers investigate clinical trials?

Second half chat topics will continue discussing clinical trials:

  • T6: What tools and services are available to help patients and caregivers investigate lung cancer clinical trials?
  • T7: What considerations affect your decision to join a clinical trial?

Please remember to include #LCSM in ALL your tweets so the other chat participants can see them. You can read a primer on participating in the chat here. A link to the chat transcript and a Storify summary will be available within a few days on our Schedules and Transcripts page.

We look forward to chatting with you about lung cancer immunotherapy and clinical trials on November 17.

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