#LCSM Chat Topic for 12/17: Reflecting on 2015, Projecting 2016 for the Lung Cancer Community

Some years are bigger than others, and by just about any measure, 2015 was a banner year for the lung cancer community. We saw new drug approvals for a wide range of lung cancer patients, including immunotherapy for patients with both squamous and non-squamous advanced NSCLC, as well as very recent approvals as holiday presents for patients with an EGFR mutation or ALK rearrangement. We saw many important trials in lung cancer become high priorities, a growing use of next generation sequencing to identify new targets, and new data and greater acceptance of plasma testing for mutations as a more accessible means of molecular marker testing.

At the same time we celebrate the advances we’ve made, many of us still feel that the greater promise is for the future, that our successes are only setting the stage for bigger advances. So at the end of every year, it is fitting for us to look back at the key successes but also make predictions and perhaps create a wish list for the coming year.

In that spirit, moderator Dr. Jack West will cover the following provocative questions in our upcoming #LCSM chat on Thursday, 12/17/2015 at 8PM Eastern, 5 PM Pacific:

T1: What do you feel were the key highlights for the lung cancer community in 2015?

T2: What are the leading challenges the lung cancer community still faces for the near future?

T3: What are your predictions for realistic next advances in lung cancer in 2016?

T4: Dreaming big, what’s on your wish list of what you’d love to see for the lung cancer community next year?

New to #LCSM Chat? Check out our chat primer!



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