#LCSM Chat Topic 11/2: What Was Your Favorite #LCSM Chat, and Why?

We are excited to kick off Lung Cancer Awareness Month with an awesome topic. The next #LCSM Tweet Chat on Thursday, November 2nd at 5 PM Pacific/ 8 PM Eastern is “What Was Your Favorite #LCSM Chat, and Why?” The moderator for this chat is Dr. David Tom Cooke (@DavidCookeMD)

From July 25, 2013, our inaugural Chat, to September 7, 2017, we have hosted 102 Tweet Chats. Using Symplur Signals (Symplur LLC, Los Angeles, CA) we were able to do a deep dive into the analytics of those chats. During those 102 chats, there were 58,010 total tweets, 5,595 participants, and 183 million impressions. The majority of folks who participated in the chats were identified as patients (23%), with doctors and healthcare providers making up 21% and caregiver/advocates 11% (Figure).

The top chat for patients based on the percentage of participants was June 1, 2017, “Community Grief-Dealing with our Cumulative Losses” (45%). For caregivers/advocates the top chat was December 4, 2014 “CMS Lung Cancer Screening Rules: Overboard, or On the Mark?” (20%). Finally, for doctors/healthcare providers the top chat was September 17, 2015, “Surgery or Radiation for Early Staged, Operable Lung Cancer: Which Road Should I Take?” (62%).

On Thursday, November 2nd, we hope to learn what moves our wonderful #LCSM tribe; which chats motivated you the most to take time out of your busy day (or evening!), to stick your toe into and contribute to the conversation?

To assist with the conversation, a complete list of #LCSM Tweet Chats can be found here. With the above goals, here are questions that will be discussed during our November 2nd Tweet Chat:

T1 What was your favorite #LCSM Tweet Chat, and Why?

T2 Patients participated most in “Comm Grief-Dealing w/ our Cumulative Losses”. Why would that chat resonate the most? #LCSM

T3 Caregivers/Advocates participated most “@CMSGov #LungCancer Screening Rules”. Would this still be the biggest advocate focus? #LCSM

T4 Docs participated most “#Surgery/Radiation Early Staged #LungCancer: Which Road?” Is there an understanding gap in #LCSM for early stage?

T5 Which chat, if any, missed the mark? Why? #LCSM

T6 Moving forward, what Chat Topic do we need to pursue? #LCSM

Please remember to include #LCSM in ALL your tweets so the other chat participants can see them. You can read a primer on participating in the chat here. Hope you’ll join us!

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