#LCSM Chat Topic 2/23:Living with Cancer–What’s in your Toolbox?

imagesWhether you’ve been diagnosed recently, or have been living with it for years, daily life with cancer can be a challenge. Of course, different disease stages and treatments will have an impact on the types of challenges patients, caretakers and physicians face. Nevertheless, there are common strategies or tools that can improve quality of life (QOL) for most patients. Moderator Deana Hendrickson (@lungcancerfaces) will pose the following questions to help gently guide this week’s conversation:

T1: How can spirituality and/or faith play a role in improving QOL for patients? Examples? #LCSM

T2: Does support improve QOL for patients (family, coworkers, other patients, etc.)? Are there patients who can “go it alone?” #LCSM

T3: How can hobbies or interests, new or old, help distract from living in cancer world? #LCSM

T4: Do you know someone who has benefited from seeing a therapist to deal with cancer-related issues (anxiety, depression)? #LCSM

T5: Does research & active participation in treatment improve QOL? How can patients & physicians balance hope/reality? #LCSM

T6: What about palliative care (pain management, physical therapy, SOB relief, etc.)? Is that offered? Has it helped? #LCSM

T7: Regardless of prognosis, can it be helpful to face mortality & get affairs in order, or is it counterproductive? Why? #LCSM

T8: How can physicians help patients cope? Is communication style important? Early palliative care referral? What else? #LCSM

Please join us Thursday, February 23, at 5 pm PST/8 pm EST, for what should be a lively and friendly discussion. If you’re new to tweet chats, please check out this primer.

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