#LCSM Chat Topic 6/18: “What I wish I’d known before my #LungCancer treatment.”

Our topic for the next #LCSM Tweet Chat on Thursday, June 18, at 5 PM Pacific (8 PM Eastern) is “What I wish I’d known before my #LungCancer treatment.” Our moderator will be Dr. David Tom Cooke (@DavidCookeMD).

Although medicine has made some great advances in the treatment of lung cancer, sometimes pre-treatment expectations do not always match a patient’s post treatment reality.

Understanding what patients and their families would have liked to have known about their therapies may help clinicians and care providers better plan to improve outcomes. This conversation within the #LCSM community may help lead to patient-centered informed consent for lung cancer treatment that combines transparency in clinical outcomes as well as improved patients’ expectations of their own treatment.

With the above goals in mind, here are the questions we will discuss during our June 18th Tweet Chat:

T1: As a patient/caregiver, what do you wish you had known prior to treatment?

T2: As a healthcare provider, what do you wish your patients knew prior to treatment?

T3: What is the best way to get accurate information to patients prior to treatment?

T4: What barriers exist to getting this information to patients in a timely manner?

Please join us on Thursday, June 18, to discuss this important topic. Remember to add the hashtag #LCSM to your tweets at the appointed hour and follow the tweet stream. If you’re not familiar with tweet chats, here is information on how to participate in #LCSM Chat.

If you cannot participate in the tweet chat but still want to share your opinion, please post your thoughts in the comments below.  We’ll make sure your comment is tweeted during the chat.

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