NIH invite to #LCSM: join NIH tweetchat on Precision Medicine Initiative 6/30 1pm ET using #PMINetwork hashtag

Tomorrow, June 30, at 1:00 pm ET, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) will host an hour-long Precision Medicine Initiative chat on Twitter using the hashtag #PMINetwork.  Participants will include NIH Institutes like the National Cancer Institute (see the NCI’s social media events page), advocacy groups like LUNGevity (@Lungevity), and anyone interested in learning more about the Precision Medicine Initiative.

During the chat, the NCI invites members of the #LCSM community to ask questions about lung-specific NCI precision medicine initiatives such as Lung-MAP, ALCHEMIST, and NCI-MATCH.  When you tweet your Precision Medicine questions, be sure to tag @theNCI, and they will be happy to try and answer it.

Here are the specific topics the NIH will tweet during the chat:

T1: Let’s get started. Does anyone have experiences with #PrecisionMedicine, either as a patient or provider?

T2: Overall, tell us what you find most exciting about #PrecisionMedicine Initiative.

T3: We’ve heard about areas needing special attention & want to address these issues in the overall Initiative design. Tell us more

T4: Tell us about areas/populations/disease groups that we need to focus on when building the cohort.

T5: Tell us what a participant-driven cohort means to you

T6: America’s rich diversity need to be incorporated. How do you reach all sections of society?

T7: Health care providers: Tell us what you hear most from your patients about #PrecisionMedicine and standard of care.

T8: Let us know if you would consider joining a 1 million person volunteer cohort and why or why not.

T9: Share your Precision Medicine resources.


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