#LCSM Chat Topic 2/26 at 8PM ET: Changing the Language of Cancer

Cancer is a gift.
Cancer is a battle.
I’m cancer free.
G-d only gives you what you can handle.
Stay positive.
These are words and phrases often associated with a cancer diagnosis. Are they helpful or not?

Obesity is the new smoking.
Limit alcohol consumption.
Exercise more.
Sit less.
There have been countless media reports about cancer prevention. Good advice, right?

Treatable vs. curable.
‘Good’ cancer vs. ‘bad’ cancer.
5-year survival.
Surgical cure.
These are examples of language that may be heard in doctor’s offices. Are health care providers and patients on the same page?

Join moderator Laronica Conway @louisianagirl91 for #LCSM Chat on Thursday, February 26, at 5 PM PT, 7 PM CT, 8 PM ET, as we discuss the language of cancer, what works, and what can be changed for the better.

T1: What do patients want to hear from friends, family and the general public? What doesn’t help?

T2: What do you think of cancer prevention messages? Good advice, or patient blaming?

T3: How can health care providers and patients/caregivers communicate more clearly with each other?

We look forward to seeing you Thursday 2/26 at 8 PM ET.  Please be sure to include #LCSM in your tweets to participate in the chat.  For more about how to participate, see our #LCSM Chat Primer.

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