Profiles in Lung Cancer — Day 5: Lysa Buonanno

In honor of Lung Cancer Awareness Month, a group of lung cancer bloggers have gotten together to show you the many faces of lung cancer.

Today’s lung cancer survivor and spectacular advocate is Lysa Buonnano, who impresses me more each time I talk with her!

Twitter handle: @thelysabee


How are you connected with lung cancer? “I was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer four years ago. I have been through chemo, radiation, four surgeries, and now targeted drug therapy (my miracle pills).

How do you spend your time? “I have done eight advocacy trips in the past four or five months, such as testifying on Capitol Hill to increase funding for cancer research, and doing other public speaking. I’m also a Lifeline mentor with Lungevity, and … read more on Dann Wonser’s blog “Dann’s Cancer Chronicles

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