Profiles in Lung Cancer — Day 4: Naomi Farley, Caregiver “Hope is so important…”

Lung Cancer Awareness Month 2015

Day 4: Naomi Farley, Caregiver
“Hope is so important…”
November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month, and each day a lung cancer blogger will share a profile of someone involved with lung cancer. The person profiled might be a patient, caregiver, advocate, researcher, or healthcare provider.
I knew that I wanted to interview Naomi Farley when I saw that she is a caregiver and that her husband Corky is in a clinical trial. When I talked to her on the phone and read her answers to my questions, I discovered that there are parallels between Naomi and Corky’s life and the life that my husband Robert and I share. Both couples have been together about 40 years, and each family has a child mid-20’s in age. Corky and I share the same EGFR driver mutation, and both Corky and I have retired due to our lung cancers. Finally, Corky and I are in the same clinical trial, a TIGER trial testing the efficacy of CO-1686, also known as Rociletinib, for EGFR patients who have developed a T790M mutation during treatment. Corky’s trial is at USC Norris and mine is at Roswell Park, a continent apart from each other. He’s in cycle 10, and today I’m on the road to Roswell Park for day one of cycle 8.
Naomi’s connection with lung cancer:  
I am my husband Corky’s caregiver. Corky was a coach running an after school athletic program when he was diagnosed with stage 4 adenocarcinoma. He has never smoked in his life. Our oncologist tested him … read more on Anita Figueras’ blog “scifiknitter.


All profiles can be found the day after posting on the #LCSM Chat blog at A list of links to all the profiles on the original bloggers’ pages can be found at on the #LCSM Chat site on the Profiles in Lung Cancer page.

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