#LCSM Chat Topic 1/26: Education and Shared Decision Making for Cancer Patients in the Era of Fake News and Post-Truths

Though there are many terrific features of social media and sharing of information among patients and caregivers, the last year has also reminded us of the potential harms of easy sharing of misinformation.  “Fake news” may have always been a potential threat, but the decentralization of information sources and “hyper-partisanship” makes it very easy for people to seek information primarily if not exclusively from sources that feed our own biases rather than challenging them with new perspectives. Though the media have largely focused the concept of fake news and post-truths through the… Read More

#LCSM Chat topic 11/17– FB Live Q&A with NCI on Immunotherapy and Clinical Trials

For Lung Cancer Awareness Month, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) is once again partnering with #LCSM Chat for a special event. During the first half of our November 17 tweetchat, which starts at the usual 8 PM Eastern time (5 PM Pacific), the NCI’s Dr. Shakun Malik (head of thoracic oncology therapeutics) and Janet Freeman-Daily (lung cancer patient/activist and founding member of #LCSM Chat) will have a 30-minute Facebook Live question and answer session on the topic of “Immunotherapy for Lung Cancer: New Research and Clinical Trials.”  The Facebook Live event will… Read More

#LCSM Chat topic 11/3: #LCAM—Pick Your Passion

It’s November, and that means LUNG CANCER AWARENESS MONTH is here! The registered Twitter hashtag for Lung Cancer Awareness Month this year (and hopefully all future years) is #LCAM. If you want to get involved in spreading awareness and generating support for lung cancer patients, caregivers, and research, you’re in luck.  Our #LCSM Chat on November 3, 2016, at 8 pm ET (5 pm Pacific) will discuss how YOU can get involved in LCAM. In addition to the LCAM materials and resources available from lung cancer advocacy organizations (see list at the… Read More