Profiles in Lung Cancer Day 29: Genevieve de Renne

“Never underestimate the power of love, and the power of your own thoughts.”

Genevieve displaying a small sample of her healing art

In honor of Lung Cancer Awareness Month, a group of lung cancer bloggers have gotten together to show the many faces of lung cancer, one for each day of the month. Today we highlight a caregiver. In a completely scientific and unbiased selection process, I chose my wife Genevieve de Renne to interview.

Genevieve’s role as a caregiver have been broad-reaching. Her efforts have ranged from the completely practical, such as her pit bull diplomacy with my oncologist, to creating several series of artwork that rotate in our home which are designed to “give subtle healing messages.” She employs countless methods that are more esoteric in order to influence the healing process, but in the end, I translate all of them to mean that she is sending me her love.

Here is my interview with her…read more on Dann Wonser’s Blog Dann’s Cancer Chronicles

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