Profiles in Lung Cancer – Day 19: Anne Gallagher “You don’t have to yell to make a lot of impact”

Welcome to the November 19th Edition of Lung Cancer Awareness Month 2015. Trying to understand what is going on in November – read November 1st blog post.

I am happy to connect you all with fellow lung cancer survivor Anne Gallagher.


Anne Gallagher spends her days as a patient navigator at Willamette Valley Cancer Institute in Eugene, Oregon. She is a valuable team member dedicated to all kinds of cancer patients, keeping a close eye on them to ensure that they receive great care in all areas of health.

Her professional career in healthcare began 11 years prior in Women’s Health. The transition to oncology came shortly after Anne’s own cancer diagnosis in 2002 at age 25; clearly a shock and turning point in her life.

Diagnosed with early stage neuroendocrine lung cancer, surgery was recommended. Specifically, removal of two lower right lobes. Surgery was successful. Remission achieved. Fast forward to 2008. Reocurrence takes place; now cancer takes up residence in the upper right lobe, the only remaining real estate up for grabs on the right side. In response, her medical oncologist prescribes an injectable anticancer agent, to be administered every 28-days. From this point forward, with only one brief interruption, Anne receives an injection … read more on Kim Wieneke’s blog “Aquarius vs Cancer

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