Profiles in Lung Cancer – Day 14: Anne-Marie Baird, PhD “Lung cancer can affect anyone, anywhere”

Lung Cancer Awareness Month 2015

Dr Anne-Marie Baird, Lung Cancer Researcher and Advocate
“Lung cancer can affect anyone, anywhere.”
Twitter handle: @BairdAM

amb 2

What is your connection with lung cancer?
Both my grandmother and aunt died from the disease. My aunt died while I was researching lung cancer at university.

What does your typical day look like?
I am usually in the lab or labland (as I call it) and am active on the Twitter feed #LCSM. Outside of the lab, I keep an eye out for dangerous Australian wildlife!

What is something we might not know about you?
I am close to obsessive in my god-motherly dealings with my delightful nephew Oscar. I reserve a special affection for … read more on Janet Freeman-Daily’s blog “Gray Connections”

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