Profiles in Lung Cancer – Day 1: Melissa Crouse, “So the chess match goes on.”

Hey folks, it is November, which is Lung Cancer Awareness Month. In honor of this, a group of lung cancer bloggers will be interviewing people in the lung cancer community and profiling a patient, caregiver, advocate or health care provider each day. I will post them here for your enjoyment. I am excited to get to know more people who are impacted by this disease, and I hope you will join me on this ride.

Lung Cancer Awareness Month 2015

Day 1: Melissa Crouse, Lung Cancer Patient and 10 year survivor.
“So the chess match goes on.” 
Twitter handle: @mcrouse53 

Who is Melissa Crouse? Tell us a little about yourself, outside of cancer. 

I am the mother of three grown children and a grandmother to two boys (ages 10 and 7) and a girl (age 2-1/2). I also just recently retired from teaching middle school orchestra and chorus … Read more on Tori Tomalia’s blog at “A Lil Lytnin Strikes Cancer.”

All profiles can be found the day after posting on the #LCSM Chat blog at A list of links to all the profiles on the original bloggers’ pages can be found at on the #LCSM Chat site on the Profiles in Lung Cancer page.

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