#LCSM Chat tweets for Lung Cancer Awareness Month (#LCAM14)

During Lung Cancer Awareness Month this November (#LCAM14), #LCSM Chat (@lcsmchat on Twitter) will post daily tweets following the schedule below.   All times are Pacific.

6 AM:    lung cancer fact or statistic (check our list of ready-made tweets)

10 AM:  research or new treatment info (written or video)

2 PM:    inspirational survivor story (written or video)

6 PM:    #nostigma statements and/or #WhipLungCancer videos

Some of our tweets will be new, some will be tweets we’ve posted in the past, and some will highlight tweets posted by others in the lung cancer community.

Please consider sharing posts by @lcsmchat and others in the #LCSM community via tweets and other social media to help raise awareness of this deadly disease and generate support for lung cancer patients and research.

Remember:  ANYONE with lungs can get lung cancer.

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