#LCSM Chat Preview 6/5: “Volunteer Opportunities with Lung Cancer Nonprofits”

Please join #LCSM Chat on Twitter June 5 at 8 PM Eastern (5 PM Pacific) to learn how you can help fight lung cancer by volunteering with lung cancer nonprofits. The chat will be moderated by lung cancer patient advocate Janet Freeman-Daily.

Lung cancer nonprofits offer volunteers many opportunities to help increase lung cancer awareness, federal funding, patient support and research. In the June 5 chat, some lung cancer organizations will tell us about their volunteer opportunities and field questions. Representatives of the following organizations plan to participate (in alphabetical order):

Bonnie J Addario Lung Cancer Foundation
Dusty Joy Foundation
Free to Breathe
Lungevity Foundation
Uniting Against Lung Cancer

This chat will NOT include solicitations for donations or requests for help in fundraising.

These are the questions each representative will answer for their organization:

T1: Which of your volunteer opportunities offer educational and/or emotional support to patients and families affected by lung cancer?

T2: Which of your volunteer opportunities increase lung cancer awareness outside the lung cancer community?

T3: Which of your volunteer opportunities inform patients and/or healthcare professionals about clinical trials and new treatment options?

T4: Which of your volunteer opportunities inform lawmakers of the need to increase federal funding for lung cancer research?

T5: What do you believe is the greatest need that lung cancer patient advocates can help fill?

For more information about how to participate in an #LCSM chat, check out our primer at https://lcsmchat.wordpress.com/lcsm-chat/.  Hope to see you on Twitter!

#LCSM is about sharing information within the lung cancer community. We aim to serve as a neutral voice. In order to maintain a neutral voice, we strive to keep #LCSM free of endorsements and advertisements. All national nonprofits who focus on lung cancer were invited to participate in this chat.

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