Tweets for #LCAM2013 Week 2 — Personal Stories

For Lung Cancer Awareness Month (#LCAM2013), the #LCSM team compiled a list of tweet-sized lung cancer facts – one tweet for each day in November. We ask all #LCSM participants and lung cancer advocates to tweet the fact of the day at noon Eastern time (9 AM Pacific) to help with trending.  You can come here to copy the tweet of the day, or  if you prefer, you can retweet the fact after @LCSMChat tweets each day at 11:55 AM Eastern Time.

Our tweets for the second week of Lung Cancer Awareness Month (#LCAM2013) focus on the personal stories of those who have lung cancer.  For Week 1 tweets, click here.  Facts for all weeks of #LCAM2013 are collected here.


November 11 Tweet
Faces of #Lungcancer: NFL player Chris Draft remembers wife and LC patient Lakeasha #LCAM2013 #LCSM

November 12 Tweet
Faces of #Lungcancer: Emily Bennett Taylor, college athlete, diagnosed with LC at 28 #LCAM2013 #LCSM

November 13 Tweet
Faces of #Lungcancer: 7 Canadians Share Their Stories #LCAM2013 #LCSM

November 14 Tweet
Faces of #Lungcancer: Janet Freeman-Daily “Why I’m in a Clinical Trial.” #LCAM2013 #LCSM

November 15 Tweet
Faces of #Lungcancer: 1000 faces, 1000 unique stories #LCAM2013 #LCSM

November 16 Tweet
Faces of #Lungcancer: Tonya Sears lost 4 family members to LC — now she’s an advocate #LCAM2013 #LCSM

November 17 Tweet
Faces of #Lungcancer: The Bonnie J. Addario Story #LCAM2013 #LCSM

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    This was posted today on the #LCSM website. Throughout November, please tweet a lung cancer fact at noon Eastern Time for Lung Cancer Awareness Month (#LCAM2013) and help us trend!

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