#LCSM Chat 4/21: Doctor Shopping in the Age of Social Media

The doctor-patient relationship is without a doubt a keystone of medical care.  This relationship is arguably most intense in the field of oncology.  For patients, few things are as life altering as a cancer diagnosis.  This is particularly true for lung cancer, given its poor survival statistics and the social stigma sometimes associated with the disease.  Thus, for many lung cancer patients, a surgeon or oncologist (sometimes both) become an incredibly important person for several months, if not years.  These doctors will gather the patients’ data, inform them of their diagnoses, administer… Read More

#LCSM Chat Topic 1/28: What Does the Lung Cancer Community Expect from the New Cancer Moonshot Program?

At the recent State of the Union Address, President Obama struck a bipartisan chord by announcing a new “Cancer Moonshot” program with Vice President Joe Biden serving as “mission control” and leading a charge of renewed efforts to remove perceived barriers to scientific collaboration and achieve unprecedented progress to understand, prevent, and more effectively treat cancers of all types. Vice President Biden has a very personal stake, as his son Beau died of a glioblastoma (a primary brain cancer) in May, 2015. He has been meeting with several leading national cancer experts… Read More

#LCSM Chat topic 5/21: Living with and Beyond Lung Cancer

Lung cancer patient advocates are beginning to make their voices heard and gain acceptance in the medical world.  For the first time ever, patient advocates will be speaking from the stage at the World Conference on Lung Cancer (WCLC), the largest meeting dedicated to lung cancer anywhere.  The meeting, which runs September 6-9 in Denver and is sponsored by the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC), will have sessions on research, treatment, biotech developments…and patient advocacy topics. In the session titled “Advocacy in Practice,” #LCSM Comoderator Janet Freeman-Daily will… Read More