#LCSM Chat Topic 8/11: Direct to Consumer (DTC) Advertising in Lung Cancer–Educating Patients or Oversimplifying to Sell?

by H. Jack West, MD For some patients, seeing a TV commercial featuring Opdivo (nivolumab) as a product for lung cancer that highlights its survival benefit was a welcome new development. These commercials have blanketed high profile TV telecasts that have often focused on cars, insurance, and new technology devices. But some people find direct to consumer advertising of medications, especially cancer drugs, to be distasteful and arguably harmful. With the lung cancer community now entering a new era of DTC advertising of treatments that encourage patients and caregivers to “ask your… Read More

How Can We Overcome Hurdles in Clinical Lung Cancer Research?

By H Jack West, MD People with lung cancer today benefit from a growing range of new cancer treatments that provide the promise of dramatic and long-lasting responses. Whether refinements in our chemotherapy, new targeted therapies, exciting immunotherapy strategies, or other novel agents or combinations, the development of these advances is exciting and based on the completion of important clinical trials. The investigators running trials of novel agents, as well as the companies developing them and the research groups helping to manage them, are eager to enroll on these studies and learn… Read More

#LCSM Chat Topic for 12/17: Reflecting on 2015, Projecting 2016 for the Lung Cancer Community

Some years are bigger than others, and by just about any measure, 2015 was a banner year for the lung cancer community. We saw new drug approvals for a wide range of lung cancer patients, including immunotherapy for patients with both squamous and non-squamous advanced NSCLC, as well as very recent approvals as holiday presents for patients with an EGFR mutation or ALK rearrangement. We saw many important trials in lung cancer become high priorities, a growing use of next generation sequencing to identify new targets, and new data and greater acceptance… Read More