#LCSM Chat 13-Feb-2014: “Brainstorming: How Do We Erase the Stigma of Lung Cancer?”

Erasing the stigma of lung cancer is one of the goals of all advocates who fight for more lung cancer awareness and funding.  But sometimes it’s hard to know how to go about it. The focus of the #LCSM Chat on February 13 at 8 PM ET will be “Brainstorming: How Do We Erase the Stigma of Lung Cancer?”  Imagine we have unlimited funds, political influence in all the right places, ready access to every medical professional, and all the trained, eloquent workers we need.  What actions would erase the stigma of lung cancer?… Read More

#LCSM Salutes World Cancer Day

Tomorrow, February 4th, is World Cancer Day. The focus this year is Target 5 of the World Cancer Declaration:  reduce stigma and dispel myths about cancer. The World Cancer Day campaign seeks to “Debunk the myths” of cancer: We don’t need to talk about cancer There are no signs or symptoms of cancer There’s nothing I can do about cancer I don’t have the right to cancer care This focus parallels the goal of #LCSM “to educate, develop public support, end the stigma, and facilitate successful treatments for the leading cause of… Read More

#LCSM January 30 Chat Preview: Practice-changing Advances in Lung Cancer Treatment

By Dr. H. Jack West On Thursday, January 30th from 8-9 PM ET\5-6 PM PT, we’ll convene for another #LCSM tweet chat, transitioning from the biggest developments from 2013 and look forward into the most promising anticipated developments in 2014.  Specifically, during the hour, we’ll cover what people think might be the leading advances that change the practice of lung cancer treatment in the three main modalities: surgery, radiation and systemic treatment (also including molecular testing and targeting therapies, as well as immunotherapy). We’ll be seeking input from people with expertise in… Read More