#LCSM January 30 Chat Preview: Practice-changing Advances in Lung Cancer Treatment

By Dr. H. Jack West

On Thursday, January 30th from 8-9 PM ET\5-6 PM PT, we’ll convene for another #LCSM tweet chat, transitioning from the biggest developments from 2013 and look forward into the most promising anticipated developments in 2014.  Specifically, during the hour, we’ll cover what people think might be the leading advances that change the practice of lung cancer treatment in the three main modalities: surgery, radiation and systemic treatment (also including molecular testing and targeting therapies, as well as immunotherapy).

We’ll be seeking input from people with expertise in each of these realms, to provide an insider track into what they think is most promising and likely to come to fruition.  Along with the insights of those delivering lung cancer treatments with each of these modalities, we’ll solicit input from patients, caregivers and others invested in lung cancer about what advances, hopefully attainable in the near future, you would consider to be at the top of your wish list.

Join us this coming Thursday for a glimpse into the not too distant future about how the field of lung cancer management is likely to move forward or at least how we hope it to. Just add the #LCSM hashtag and add to the growing momentum.

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