Want to learn to Tweetchat?

The #LCSM founders know some people don’t participate in our Lung Cancer Social Media chats because they are uncertain how to participate in a chat on Twitter, or don’t yet feel comfortable with it. Other cancer- and healthcare-related tweet chats out there probably have heard similar concerns.

We’d like to help people become more comfortable with participating in healthcare tweet chats.  To address this need, #LCSM will conduct a PRACTICE TWEET CHAT this Thursday, August 21, from 5-6 PM Pacific Daylight Time.  This is open to anyone in the healthcare community.  We’ll have no agenda, just a chance to test your tweet chat skills and ask questions. Janet Freeman-Daily will be moderating.

Here’s how to get started:

To participate in a tweetchat using Twitter:

1. Create a Twitter account and sign in.

2.  To see the tweets in the tweetchat, filter your Twitter feed to show only tweets containing the designated hashtag (in this case, “#LCSM”).  To filter your Twitter feed, enter “#LCSM” in the gray box containing the magnifying glass at the top of your Twitter feed.  The box is outlined in red for emphasis in the example below.  Be sure to click on “All” below the words “Results for #LCSM” — if you don’t click on All, your feed will only show you some (not all) of the tweets containing #LCSM.

how to filter for #LCSM

3.  To add your tweets to the chat, include the designated hashtag (in this case “#LCSM”) in every tweet you want to be seen in the chat.

To participate using a tweetchat tool:

You’ll find it much easier to follow and participate in the chat by using a tweetchat tool like tchat.io. To do this:

1. Sign in to Twitter.  Be sure your Twitter privacy settings allow anyone to see your tweets.

2.  Enter the URL “tchat.io” in your browser (or click here to be taken to that URL).

3. Enter the designated hashtag “#LCSM” in the box on the screen, and click “Start Chatting”

4. Click on “Sign in to get an in-page tweet box” just below the white box, then click “Authorize App” on the next screen to login to Twitter. You’ll then be redirected back to the tchat.io page. This will allow you to type your tweets in the textbox at the top of the page. Tchat.io will automatically add the #LCSM hashtag at the end of your tweet so it will be seen in the chat.

5. Click on “hide retweets” (just below the blue “Tweet” bar). Hiding retweets will make it easier to follow the conversation.


If you have questions before or during the tweet chat, or have trouble joining the chat, you can email us at lcsmchat@gmail.com, or tweet to @JFreemanDaily or @LungCancerFaces.

If this experiment proves popular, we may repeat it.

One Comment on “Want to learn to Tweetchat?

  1. This is such a simple, obvious and truly great idea. Those of us who have been tweeting and taking part in chats for some time can forget how intimidating it can be to first join one. Hope more Twitter chats take note!

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