Chat Topic 7/31: #LCSM Celebrates One Year of Informative Chats and Awesome Support!

Join us for our 7/31 #LCSM Chat (8 PM ET, 5 PM Pacific) as we celebrate #LCSM’s one year anniversary!

The first-ever Lung Cancer Social Media (#LCSM) Chat took place on July 25, 2013.  You can read more about how #LCSM was formed here. We’ve come a long way in one year: we’ve hosted 25 informative chats, formed many great friendships, and experienced awesome support and collaboration among lung cancer patients, caregivers, family members, advocates, healthcare providers, researchers and charities.  In the past year, the 7,900 participants in the #LCSM community generated over 69,000 tweets that shared new research findings, supported patients and family members, promoted #LCAM2013 (Lung Cancer Awareness Month 2013), and collected 8300 signatures on our petition in support of Medicare Coverage for lung cancer screening with low dose CT.

Our 7/31 Chat will review our track record and ponder the future of #LCSM.  Our moderators Deana Hendrickson (@LungCancerFaces, on her first outing as moderator) and Laronica Conway (@louisianagirl91) will raise the following questions for discussion:

T1: What has #LCSM done well in its first year?

T2: What could #LCSM do better in its second year?

T3: How might #LCSM encourage more collaboration among the #lungcancer community on social media?

Hope you will join the Chat and share your views!  Remember to add #LCSM to your tweets, or use a tweetchat tool like (more on that here).

Symplur Chart of LCSM tweets in first year

#LCSM Tweets in Past Year


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