Details of 10/24 #LCSM Chat

As we said in the last blog post, the theme of the 8 PM Eastern (5 PM Pacific) 10/24 #LCSM Chat on Twitter will be Social Media & Lung Cancer Advocacy: What Can I Do?”

If you’re not sure how to participate in a tweetchat, visit our #LCSM Chat tab or click here.

The co-moderators @louisianagirl91 (Laronica Conway, a lung cancer advocate) and @JFreemanDaily (Janet Freeman-Daily, a lung cancer patient) will follow this format:

Please introduce yourself with a tweet. If you plan to follow without participating, post a tweet saying “#lcsm” only. The moderators will briefly introduce the theme and greet participants.

The moderators will post questions at about 15 minutes intervals.  The questions will be labeled Q1, Q2, and Q3.  It helps everyone to follow the discussion if you reply using the question number.

Q1: What are the most important messages we need to communicate to the public about lung cancer?

Q2: How can we use Facebook, Twitter & other social media to raise lung cancer awareness?

Q3: What can we do to stir media & business interest in Lung Cancer Awareness Month?

Parting Thoughts and Wrap Up

The chat transcript will be posted on Twitter and #LCSM Chat site about 5 minutes after the chat concludes.  We look forward to seeing you on Twitter!

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