#LCSM Chat Topic 2/8/18: Right to Try Laws and CIMAVax

  “Right to Try” laws for people with a terminal illness have been a longstanding issue and are currently on the books in 38 states. The lack of a federal law supporting this concept was touched upon in President Trump’s State of the Union address last week. On its face, offering liberal options that permit these patients to try any still investigational agent that has completed phase I testing seems like a benefit to patients who may be desperate for options. A couple of arguments in favor of it are available here:… Read More

#LCSM Chat Topic 1/11: Defining “hope” for lung cancer

Ten years ago, patients diagnosed with lung cancer did not have much hope for effective treatment. Now targeted therapy, immunotherapy, and other treatment innovations offer hope that many more lung cancer patients might live for years beyond the old survival expectations. Yet even with all the advances in medical care, not all lung cancer patients have access to the best treatment options, metastatic lung cancer patients are still not curable, and lung cancer patients still die. Does this mean we have no hope?  No! Hope means a lot of things. Hope can… Read More

#LCSM Chat topic 11/16: Running on Empty—Advocacy and Burnout

It’s Lung Cancer Awareness Month, when lung cancer patient advocates knock themselves out sharing information and factoids about their disease.  However, you know you spend too much time as a cancer patient/advocate when … You think you see a cancer ribbon on your driveway, which upon closer inspection is actually a drowned earthworm. Most of your travel revolves around cancer. You lecture strangers on the street about lung cancer stigma. You know enough people who have died to easily post one per day for a month. As research develops more effective cancer… Read More