December 5 #LCSM Chat Topic – Is the System of Clinical Trials Fair For Patients?

By Dr. H. Jack West IS THE SYSTEM OF CLINICAL TRIALS FAIR FOR PATIENTS? DO YOU BELIEVE IN IT?  I just watched the movie “Dallas Buyers Club”, about the challenges of getting new drugs for HIV/AIDS just as the first effective treatments were being identified in early clinical trials. It portrays the DEA, FDA, and medical establishment as essentially obstructing the process of patients getting access to life-sustaining treatments, and it led me to wonder whether patients and caregivers feel that the system of novel agents being tested in clinical trials is… Read More

How Can We Overcome Hurdles in Clinical Lung Cancer Research?

By H Jack West, MD People with lung cancer today benefit from a growing range of new cancer treatments that provide the promise of dramatic and long-lasting responses. Whether refinements in our chemotherapy, new targeted therapies, exciting immunotherapy strategies, or other novel agents or combinations, the development of these advances is exciting and based on the completion of important clinical trials. The investigators running trials of novel agents, as well as the companies developing them and the research groups helping to manage them, are eager to enroll on these studies and learn… Read More

Upcoming #LCSM Chat, Thursday, March 27 at 5 pm PT, 8 pm ET: Should All Targeted Rx Lung Cancer Trials be Biomarker-Selective?

ASCO, the American Society for Clinical Oncology, is promoting a new principle that targeted therapies should be used only in targeted patients, as part of a general trend that we need to move away from trials that test new non-chemotherapy agents in a broad population. Meanwhile, we’ve just recently seen a few high profile negative trials in the last few weeks, such as the large phase III METLung trial of “METMAb” or onartuzumab, the monoclonal antibody against the target MET (mesenchymal epithelial transition), combined with Tarceva (erlotinib), and also the MAGE-A3 vaccine… Read More