November 7 #LCSM Chat Preview

This Thursday, November 7th at 8 PM Eastern, 5 PM Pacific, we’ll gather in the Twitterverse for another one hour #LCSM (lung cancer social media) tweet chat.

This time, the topic will be on biopsies and tissue collection. Now that we’ve entered a new era where more and more of our treatments are guided by molecular markers and patient selection based on subgroups, we need more biopsy material more often. The world has changed faster than our standard practices.

1)   Barriers to tissue collection:

  • Do patients understand the need for biopsy material & what it entails?
  • Are patients reluctant to undergo invasive procedures or eager to do what is needed to identify the best molecular target?
  • Are doctors holding back on recommending sufficient biopsies that obtain enough tissue?
  • Are costs an issue?

2)   Using results that precede strong evidence:

  • Should molecular testing be standard if there isn’t a proven result with established benefit?
  • Should results from these findings be used only to do research or to guide commercially-based treatments?
  • Is the potential enough to consider broad molecular testing standard enough to be routinely paid for?

3)   Awareness & education about molecular testing:

  •  How can we best raise awareness & change practice?
  • Should we rely on doctors to be educated by professional societies?
  • Do we need more education for patients about the importance of biopsies, and if so, how do we best convey that information?

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